Wednesday 1 May 2013

Together again :-)

The sun is shining and  Dennis is back home with me!!! I couldn't be happier! Quite a contrast to last weeks blog post :-)
There is nothing I love more than getting back into a routine of having Dennis around. Catching up on his recent travels and filling each other in on the details we forgot to mention when we would chat on the phone.
I adore hearing stories and seeing pictures of the amazing places he has visited and hope of someday visiting these places myself.
These three pictures are favourites of mine, I could sit for hours and get lost in the magic of these amazing destinations.

Dennis and I are both extremely lucky to be doing the the jobs that we have.
Dennis gets to travel the world, whilst performing.  I get to dance in a show that I am truly proud of. Dream jobs, but it can be tough being apart for such long stints at a time. Because of this we really try to make the most of our time together.

Today (once I finished rehearsals) we spent the afternoon walking around the city and enjoying the Spring sunshine. Talking about everything and enjoying the sudden flourish of springtime colour.

We drank coffee, laughed and enjoyed yummy treats whilst sat in the late afternoon sunshine. 

Dennis munched on this delicious strawberry treat.

I (once again) went for the chocolate option.

We took a stroll back to the apartment and worked up an appetite by unpacking Dennis suitcases and getting him settled back in at home.

We ate a delicious dinner, whilst the sun set for the day. It was a lovely afternoon together!

For me there's nothing more comforting than having a little routine back to our lives, it makes me feel all fuzzy inside.
I hope you're all having a lovely week?

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  1. So nice to hear you have Dennis back home with you again Matt and thank you so much for sharing your lovely time in the sunshine together! Your pics are absolutely AMAZING! Joy to you both! Joy

  2. What lovely photographs, the top three are amazing. Your happiness really shows in this post, so pleased for you. Rowen@Coastal Colours x

  3. Hola Matt!! que belleza de fotos!! es una dicha contar con la primavera de nuevo después de tanto frio, muy bien que estes retornando a la rutina y que te encuentres feliz Dios te bendiga un abrazo calido Paty :)

  4. Lovely post and lovely photographs, glad you're together and happy :) lovely lovely blog matt xx

  5. That is such a sweet post; it has made me feel all fuzzy inside too! Thanks :o)
    I wish you a lifetime's worth of having Dennis by your side.

  6. I can feel your happiness in your writing! I'm so glad life is back to normal for you two. Your photos are so nice, thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi, Matt! I'm happy for you! With all the things that you tell us I feel your hearts and your happiness here Catalonia! Enjoy the moment! I wish you all the happiness in the world! kisses!

  8. I love the pictures of Dennises travels! Although there is nothing quite like taking pictures of things you can find at home :)

  9. I'm glad Dennis is home for a while.. tell him hi. Enjoy your Spring! I just put up a post with a big huge bouquet of lilacs and before that beach photos. Not sure if you ever visit my blog. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. So so so Happy for you both.......enjoy every second!!!!!

  11. Que fotos más preciosas!!!!

  12. Hi There,What wonderful photos and how fortunate to have been to all these places!!!Enjoy your together time and make the most of every moment!!!And hope you'll not be too busy for a little crafting!!!

  13. So happy for you! But you've made me very hungry with all the yummy food photos! :-)

  14. Wow glad to hear your so happy Matt and Dennis is home safely. Fantastic photos, and that salad looks yummie.
    Hugs to you both
    Tracy SC

  15. So happy for you both.


  16. Your post has made me feel all fuzzy inside, too. Dennis' pics are beautiful, and I'm glad he is back home with you, safe and sound. Spring has certainly sprung here, it's warm and sunny and the flowers are blooming, and I think it's time for me to get outside and have a treat, like your yummy looking ones! Nancy.

  17. The 1st picture is just WOW
    so glad to hear you're together again!

  18. So happy for you both.

  19. Dennis may be worth waiting for. But don't forget you are worth coming home to as well! Gad abouts need happy homes, and you have made a lovely one. Hope you both have a good time and have lots of fun. Love the photos. Dennis has been to some lovely places.

  20. Another great post Matt.
    Love all the photos.
    Any chance of you telling us exactly what is in that salad??? Please!!!!

    Have a wonderful time together.

    Chris Xx

  21. This makes me smile! So happy for you both!

  22. I love those tulips!

    It's great that you are back together again. What is it that Dennis does to take him away from home?

  23. The gorgeous guys back together again. Hurrah!

    In other, very exciting news, I've just won a brand new book in a giveaway called 'Hip Crochet' by Natalie Clegg. Guess whose blog is included in a list of nine?!?!!! If you'd like me to photograph the bit describing your blog send me your email address from my blog 'hello' page contact form. Well done :-)

  24. Hey there! Saw you in Artful blogging and love your site! Your blog header is fabulous! Tomorrow I am publishing a post on some of my favorite blog headers and yours is definitely one of them :o) Hope you will not mind the mention?! Feel free to visit my site tomorrow to check out he post :o)

  25. a wonderful homecoming filled with happy memory making xo

  26. ♥awwwwwwwwwww, I feel a little bit emotional reading this. I wish you didn't have to be apart! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  27. I am so happy for you both,Matt!I am a new reader of your wonderful blog!You are so creative and talented!Respect!

  28. Hi Matt,

    So glad Dennis is in your arms again. LOVE the pics!
    Dennis is one lucky guy that he has a wonderful man to come home to!!

    I hope you both have lot's of fun together and it's a good sign that you last post was 2 weeks ago!! ;-)

    I hope Dennis will guest blog some time too....

    Have a lovely week guys!


  29. Awww, you and Dennis together again. The world finally makes sense again :-)
    Happy for you!!

  30. This post is full of happiness, beauty and love! Please, would you share the recipe of this salad! It looks so "yami"!

  31. Oh, such lovely photos! Apparently crafting and crochet are not your only're quite the photographer, as well!
    I saw your fabulous blog in the latest issue of Artful Blogging, and was so smitten with it, I just had to pay you a visit. I'm so glad I did. You are quite the talent!
    Thanks so much for sharing, and I look forward to checking back frequently. You're posts do make me smile!
    xo Deirdre