Thursday 10 July 2014

The Dog Collar

Hey Lovelies!
I do hope you are all well?
It seems like each time I come back to my blog I have to start by apologising for being away for so long. I've had a really busy month at work and finding time to do everything I want has seemed near impossible. Things have calmed down a bit (for now) and so I'm relishing the extra free time I have and (of course) filling it with all sorts of crafty goodness. 

I was asked a couple of weeks ago if I would work on a rather special creation for a very special day. 
Some close friends of mine were getting married and wanted their cute little dog to carry their wedding rings down the isle to them at the alter. 
This sounded like a challenge and one that I was more than happy to oblige. 

The colours of the wedding were to be green and white so I got to work covering a simple cardboard trinket bog with pure white ribbon.
I added a little handle and some crocheted edging to the lid, along with overlapping ribbon to cover the main body of the box.

On the inside of the box I made a little cushion for the wedding rings to sit on. I also popped some crocheted trimming around the edge of the cushion,  to hide the join where I had connected it to the box. 

I covered the inside of the lid with bright green felt. 

I crocheted the actual collar using some white mercerised cotton and added some little buckles so that it was easy to adjust and tighten when the time came to putting it on the dog. 
With a nice layer of fabric glue, I added ribbon to the top of the crocheted collar for that extra bit of detail.

 I crocheted little flowers out of green and white embroidery floss.

I added a little sparkle!!!

I love this part of a project, when you can add all of the trimmings and make a creation just that little bit more special. 

For this project it was the little flowers. Adding them to the simple collar and box really transformed it into something rather elegant.  

All finished and ready for the important job of transferring the rings down the isle.

Of course I had to fit the collar to Hayley (the ring bearer), she took to it rather well and did the most amazing job of trotting down the isle with the rings on her back.

It was a beautiful wedding full of love and laughter. A big CONGRATULATIONS to my friends who I'm sure will share a very long and happy marriage with each other. 

What a fun project that was and so different from my usual crocheted items!

If I add this project to the wedding bouquet Dennis and I made a few months ago, we could open a crocheted bridal boutique! 

That would be fun!!!

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  1. How unique and beautiful!!! Well done Matt and I am certain you will get more orders!!! It's very cute!!!
    AMarie xxx

  2. matt, you really could. etsy is only a click away!

  3. I like very much your idea!!! It's really nice for a dog with that important matter: bring the rings!


    A hug from Spain!

  4. Just discovered your blog very recently. That crochet bouquet is LOVE. What a great idea for a crocheted bridal boutique! Would be so unique.

  5. This is adorable! Such a unique and personal wedding make, it must have helped make their day extra special. Love the subtle crochet details, too :)x

  6. Beautiful!!!! What a great plan and a perfect execution. Well done!!
    I think every dog should have a crocheted collar from now. they look so cute with them :-)

  7. Omg this must the cutest thing ever!

    Emmi L.

  8. That would be cute as a stand alone trinket box, quite a nice idea for me to stash away in my brain :) thanks for sharing

  9. This is SO beautiful! And the details are so perfect! I love this. I would have never thought of this idea. I would love to see a whole set of bridal items you come up with! That would make for an amazing post!

  10. Wow that is just so cute and elegant " are truly an artist , and yes it would be so, so fun !

  11. That is SO CUTE.

  12. So beautiful and elegant ! Great idea !

  13. Adorable! Well done, Matt!

  14. Hello Matt
    I follow your blog quietly thoroughly enjoying your posts and your stunning creativity. I don't comment it seems you have more than enough followers and who often echo what I am thinking myself. However this time I must. This beautiful,beautiful project is adorable and the carrier too :-)

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  15. So beautiful and cute too

  16. Vraiment très joli! Le bouquet de marié est tout simplement sublime. Bravo!

  17. What a cute and unique project! Well done!
    I have an already massive 5 month old pup, and I'd love to make him a pretty handmade collar, but I'm afraid he's too strong.

  18. I am UNDONE by the cuteness!

  19. Hallo Matt,

    das kann ich mir gut vorstellen, das dies ein ganz besonderes Projekt für dich war. Und der Hund ist einfach Zuckerguss. Wenn ich mir vorstelle wie er da gelaufen ist. Auch die Hochzeitsgäste waren sicherlich alle hin und weck....schmelz....

    Herzlich Conny

  20. I like your style of making dog collars. White is my favorite color and I hope it suits my dog so much because he is of black color.