Thursday 17 July 2014

The Makery: Foxy Cushion

Hello gorgeous people!
I had a lovely day off from work on Monday, and after a few months of madness a whole day with no plans or obligations was just what the doctor ordered. It was a rather nice feeling waking up and knowing I could spend the day however I pleased. 
I spent the morning pottering about on the balcony. I can not tell you just how much I adore having my very own little outdoor space! I'll have to share some pictures with you soon and show you my plants and flowers are coming along.

After watering, pruning and talking to my plants, I decided to get to work on a very special gift that had been sat on my bookshelf for the past couple of months.

It was a gift from the lovely people at The Makery in Bath. A rather splendid DIY craft kit that contained everything required to make a "foxy cushion"!!

They had very kindly given it to me when I popped into their store for some crafty supplies and a chinwag during my last trip home to England.

As you all know, The Makery is one of my absolute favourite shops to visit when I go home. It's in the centre of Bath and a real gem of a store. It's everything I love.... it's quaint, inviting and has the ultimate homemade and vintage feel to it. I could spend a whole day in there soaking up the crafty atmosphere!
During my last visit home I popped into the store to say a quick "hello" and ended up having a rather special guided tour of their brand spanking new premises. I was shown around the shop, their new craft rooms (available for birthday parties and hen parties), had a browse through their newly published book (which I just ordered) and checked out their new products. Let me tell you.... The team at the Makery had been very busy since my last visit and their hard work had definitely payed off.

Among the new products at The Makery was a collection of "Make away kits". These fabulous kits look like food takeaway boxes (which I think is super cool) and contain everything needed to complete your chosen project.
So far they have 6 fantastic kits available:

  • A sock monkey kit
  • Make your own bunting kit
  • A foxy cushion Kit
  • A sewn stag head kit
  • A clasp purse kit 
  • Make a pair of knickers kit (perfect for a hen party!!!)

On my visit to the shop I was lucky enough to choose which kit I wanted to take home with me. I went for the fox cushion as I was advised it would be good project for someone with limited sewing abilities (definitely me!). 

So..... on Monday I finally got around to giving this project a try!
I opened up the "Make Away Kit! and inside I found:
  • A mini sewing kit with enough thread to complete the fox cushion
  • Buttons
  • Stuffing 
  • Some rather gorgeous fabric
  • Instructions on how to make the cushion, along with instructions on how to perform the required stitches
  • Pattern templates

I got to work following the step by step instructions, cutting out the fabric using the templates provided.

I started off hand sewing the project, but after some VERY messy attempts,  I decided to pop down to my cellar and pick up the sewing machine. :-)

After a little perseverance with my terrible sewing skills, I was finished constructing the main body of the cushion. Not perfect....but also not too bad!

I continued to follow the instruction and used the stuffing provided to fill the cushion.

Finally I positioned the buttons as two eyes and a nose, and sewed them onto my foxy cushion.

Ta- dah!!! All finished! What a perfectly charming little cushion! 

I LOVED making this project!! 
It was great to try something new, as I don't normally work on sewing projects! Yes.. my sewing skills leave a lot to be desired, but it just goes to show what a great kit this is! Suitable for all skill levels! The instructions even gave the option for extra detailing which is perfect for the more advanced sewers among you (I skipped those steps, as I didn't want to get in over my head!).

Very very cute indeed !
Not only are they a treat to make yourself,  but they would also make fantastic and original presents to give to your loved ones.

The Makery also supply some amazing fabrics, buttons and are definitely not short on inspiration. Why not stop by and have a look at their website and if you happen to be in Bath pop into their lovely shop and say a quick "hello!". I'm sure you'll be greeted with a very warm welcome and The Makery will soon become one of your favourite crafty shops just like it is mine ( get it!!! I'm a big fan!) 


I hope your all having a truly scrumptious week?! Until next time.....

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  1. Just pretty !!! :)

  2. Am I going to be struck down for saying that it looks like a pair of knickers with buttons on the front, if you glance very quickly???!

    Oooh *holds head in hands and waits.*

    ;-) xx

    1. BAAAAAAA HAAAAAA!!! OMG!!It's true! Now all I'm seeing is knickers!!

    2. SORREEEEEE!!!!!

  3. Very cute indeed, those little packs make great gift ideas xx

  4. Very cute :) I'm getting the sewing bug myself lately... I have to find my machine (hopefully in storage) otherwise I will have to invest in a new one.

  5. For someone who doesn't pride themselves on their sewing, I think you did a tremendous job..... but yes, I thought I was look at a precious pair of toddler panties as well. LOL!

  6. I absolutely love the idea of takeaway projects!!!! Brilliant!!!! But foxy??? Mmmm not so much, SORRY!!!!! The shape is right though!!!! Maybe it's the buttons that doesn't work???? Have a super weekend!!!


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