Wednesday 14 January 2015


Hello there!
I do hope you are all having a jolly good week?

I've been keeping myself rather happily occupied this past week, with a tremendously fun pattern that I purchased two weeks ago. A pattern so unimaginably cute, that I can barely put it into words!

Shall I show you what I've been working on? 

Those of you that know your way around my blog will know that I have a page called "blogs I love". It's a page containing a small list of the blogs that I enjoy reading and visit regularly for a dose of crafty inspiration. Among the fabulous list is a rather enchanting website,
I discovered Lalylala about six months ago and have been desperate to make one of these adorable dolls, created by the very talented Lydia Tresselt. 
Have a look at what I mean, all of the patterns for these dolls are available for purchase on Lydia's website, she even offers the pattern for one of them for free:

As you can see Lydia is an extremely talented designer and has clearly put a lot of work into the concept and look of her creations.
After a couple of days of trying to decide which pattern I wanted to try making (they all look rather intriguing to me), I finally took the plunge and purchased the patter for Lupo the Lamb:

Photo courtesy of

I bought myself some Ököwolle by Wolle Rödel, in the colours required for the pattern, cream and brown.

I got to work with the pattern and enjoyed the easy to follow instructions that I had received on purchase.

The pattern called for a yarn that was suitable for a 2mm-2.4mm hook. The yarn I chose is a little chunkier than recommended  in the pattern and is to be used with a hook sized 6mm-7mm. I thought I'd compromise and try working it with a 3.5mm hook. 
The pattern worked up lovely and the 3.5mm hook really wasn't a problem with this yarn. After a while however, I noticed that because I had ignored the patterns recommendation and gone for a hook size larger than suggested, my doll was going to be humongous!

A little too large infact! So I decided to pull it apart and start again.

I started to remake the doll, this time using a 2mm hook. It was a struggle with the thick yarn, but the results were far better. As you can see from the picture below, the end product was turning out smaller and neater (The upper arm is with the final 2mm hook and the lower arm was my initial attempt with a 3.5mm hook.)

I persevered with the little hook and my doll grew:

I have to confess that I had one more failed attempt at this pattern before I finally got it right. I somehow managed to stitch the legs on backwards, so the joining seam of each round ran up the front of  Lupo's body. I really wasn't happy with that, so  I pulled it apart..... It definitely was a case of 3rd time lucky! two failed attempts all because of me being  silly. Definitely no fault of the pattern, as it was extremely well written, with photographs and diagrams.
I got there in the end though and after a few evenings of after work crochet, had completed the torso, legs and head. 

I added black safety eyes to the face of Lupo (purchased on ebay from a German seller)

Looking pretty dandy already!

Of course he needed his hat:

A gorgeous spiral of bobble stitches:

Some ears:


and some ome pom pom decoration to finish him off:

I stitched him all together, and he was done!!!!

What a cutie!!

All of the little features added to create a truly special end product, such a well designed and  well written pattern.

Isn't he adorable? I'm totally smitten with him!

I can not say a bad thing about this pattern, it was fun to make, it was simple, but challenged me enough so I still had to concentrate (which I like). He turned out perfect! SUCH FUN!
I'll definitely be making more of Lydia's patterns,  I'm having a hard time deciding which one though? Possibly Carl the Cactus?....or Paul the Toadstool?......Mici the Mermaid?.......

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  1. I'm glad you did this post. I have been looking at these dolls forever and ever. I am not good with small hooks so I didn't really think I could attempt it. But I think I am going to now. Thanks for the review Matt x

  2. Your Lupo is fantastic! Great Job! I bought Paul on a whim and he was so much fun to make. I love his little hat! And the little girl I made him for adores him!

  3. I will be buying a pattern (not sure which) but the "free pattern" is misleading. The only free pattern she offers is for the "Rita bunny" ears and tail and eggs . For the body you have to buy a pattern. I was disapointed

  4. They are so adorable!
    i've made a few of my own as well :)
    They are an addiction!


  5. THAT is adorable!! He looks like he could just come to life.

  6. What a fabulous design - the toadstool is a must:)

  7. I'm hooked! ;) These are so lovely I can't wait to make one. I think Paul the Toadstool. Yep for sure.

  8. Supercute! All the dolls are absolutely awsome and I can't belive the pattern is so easy::: i like the pattern I didn't have to concentrate on!

  9. What a beautiful job you've made of it. I like the mushroomy one too.

  10. Que fofuras!
    Parabéns pelo belo trabalho!

  11. Hello Matt -- Wow, that is one awesome new little friend you have made! I think he needs a friend, then you'll have two friends! Did you see the little baby guinea pigs that I made for my granddaughters? I look forward to seeing the next one!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. So lovely! I love these neutral colors!

  13. It's great!! Well done! It's on my 'to do' list. My daughter wants a Lupo too!!

  14. I made Kira for my daughter's birthday last year.... they're just the cutest dolls. I want to make the mushroom one soon!

  15. He is so adorable! Ive been eyeing lalylala patterns for a while but cant decide which one to make. They are all so cute. Ive just started to learn to crochet and was worried id make a mess of them.

  16. I am a novice crocheter, what level would you place this pattern plse.

  17. You did a great job. Being a fellow crocheter I admire that you admit you have to frog things and start over. With over 40 years experience I frog and I too start over until I get it right.

  18. Magnifique! Thanks a lot!

    Frédérique (

  19. Oh, has been great! Looooooooooooooooove it!!!!!
    I also one of the patterns I like! congratulations, Matt!!
    I love to read you! Kisses from Catalonia!

  20. Wow Matt!!!
    Beautiful. You are very good!!! Thank you for let us know about your ideas.
    Have a nice week end

  21. What a cutiepie!! I have all the patterns but hadn't had the nerve to begin one... ;-)

  22. Te ha quedado precioso, me encanta tu elección, la verdad que son todos muy bonitos!
    Un besazo! !

  23. What a cutie !!! I absolutely love it. You are so very talented Matt.

  24. j'adore les lalylala, ils sont trop mimi.
    j'en ai déjà réalisé pas mal et dans toutes les grandeurs, moi j'aime bcp la maman kangourou avec son bébé.
    have a nice day

  25. Sooo sweet! You did a beautiful job!

  26. I read this blog post the other day and just had to get some of those patterns! Darn it! lol I've been in search of the yarn and so far have not had much luck. That's okay, though, because I really need to wait until the weather to warm up to crochet. Darn arthritis.

  27. Te ha quedado espectacular! Soy argentina, también compré el patrón, del canguro y estoy facsinada. Te felicito y me encanta leer tu blog!!

  28. He is adorable. Your photography is so wonderful too. Going to go check out the other blogs you love!