Wednesday 21 January 2015

Silence In The Snow

Waking up yesterday morning to a bright white quilt of snow was rather exciting. 
I stepped out onto the balcony to enjoy the fresh and crisp air and was taken by how beautiful everything was looking. A true Winter wonderland!

I couldn't let the morning pass without taking a stroll in the snow. I wrapped up nice and warm (two jumpers, along with my pyjama trousers underneath my jeans) to go and investigate my newly transformed neighbourhood. 

Snow and ice clung to everything, adding a touch of magic to the simplest of things.

The ducks were still swimming about in the lake, looking a tad chilly with snow collecting on their backs.

It was amazing to see that snow had collected everywhere...

and created some rather stunning views!
Look at the contrast between the fluffy looking snow and the dark brownish/green of the tree bark.

The little glimpses of colour that I could see amongst the snow were looking so much more vibrant than usual.
Deep greens....

and bright reds.

The colours were glorious! However, what I love most about snowfall is not only how beautiful everything looks, but the silence. The snow seems to soak up all noise. Walking around the lake, hearing only the sound of the crunching snow beneath my feet was rather lovely.

Jumping on my bike and cycling to work was done in complete silence. The roads were deserted and not a single sound could be heard. A perfect time for contemplation.

For me silence only truly happens when it snows. Even now as I sit at home writing this, I can hear the refrigerator humming.  I'm thankful for my silent walk, it cleared my head and calmed my thoughts.
Hope you're all having a lovely calm week.

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  1. I couldn't agree more about silence and snow. Beautiful photographs but especially the first one. Love it.

  2. I loved your snow pix.. snow has skipped us so far this year. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Fabulous photos, musings and a spunky new profile photo, thanks for sharing xx

  4. I love your pictures, they are beautiful.

  5. As much as I used to complain about having to clear the driveway/sidewalk off after a snowstorm, I have to admit that I did enjoy going out at night to complete that task. There was something magical about the snow glistening from the moonlight and the quietness it provided.
    Wonderful shots of your adventure walk.
    Thanks for sharing.
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  6. "When snow falls, nature listens". Those wonderful pics really make me long for snow.. alas haven't seen a single flake this Winter!

  7. Absolutely stunning pictures. And Yes, the silence is fantastic. Here in the Netherlands still No snow...!

  8. Agreed! I love the silence of the snow (probably would make a great movie title). But I have to say that the humming of my fridge is also comforting as it is a familiar sound of my home. Same goes for the hissing of the heating!

  9. I love the silence you're speaking about when it's snowing .... Thanks for sharing because here, no snow at all !! Have a lovely day !

  10. Whilst not a great fan of snow, I do love how it looks at first, and the silence created is something special. The red dogwood against the white snow is stunning - really vibrant.

  11. Beautiful pictures!! That's the thing I love about snowfall, silence!!

  12. Except for a trip up north I have never experienced snow.... Lovely pics Matt...

  13. These photos are beautiful. I agree that sometimes silence is needed to kind of reground ourselves... sometimes it's bad 80's hair metal, but that's something totally different. Maybe I'll take a walk. It did snow this morning here.

  14. I agree, being out in the snow is great for quiet thinking. It snowed last night where I am but it's extremely windy so not as quiet as I would like!

  15. Oh Matt, you seem to be such a nice person :-) I love the silence and being alone for a while...

  16. Preciosas fotos Matt. Tienes razó nieve es silenciosa.
    Yo nací en un pequeño pueblo de Asturias en el norte de España y recuerdo prefectamente esos dias que amanece todo nevado y hay un silencio total.
    Me encanta tu blog.