Saturday 21 March 2015

Crocheted Candy

Hello there! How are you all doing? 
I'm typing this at the airport as I wait for my flight to start boarding. I'm off on holiday for the week, visiting Dennis on the cruise ship that he's working on. My flight takes me to Gran Canaria and I'll get on the ship tomorrow. A week of  sailing around the Canary Islands, not too shabby.
As I sit waiting for my flight to start boarding I'm feelings rather like a top class business executive.... Nobody needs to know that I'm working on my blog. I'll let everyone believe I'm typing urgent world changing emails. :-)

I wanted to share with you a little more information on this rather fun candy inspired project that I've been working on. As mentioned in my last post, this project was actually a commissioned project from the lovely people at Homespun magazine. A candy themed piece that will appear in a food inspired issue of the magazine later in the year (September, I believe). I don't usually do commissioned pieces, as it tends to stress me out working towards a deadline and trying to make it fit alongside my work schedule. However when the opportunity came up to work with this magazine, I really couldn't refuse. 
Here's a glimpse  at the January edition: 

It's such a great magazine, showcasing a huge range of different crafty projects. 
I was lucky enough to be interviewed for the January edition. There is a piece all about my crochet work in the section "Men who craft". It was a huge honor to be interviewed and placed alongside some extraordinary talented fellow male crafters. 
As you can imagine I can't reveal exactly what I've been working on, as this will appear later in the magazine along with a tutorial/ pattern of how to make a similar project.
Despite not being able to show you the whole project, I thought I could show you a few pictures of the candy I made (the candy forms the decoration to the main crochet project).
I had a great time coming up with crocheted versions of my favorite treats. I made sour cherries: 
Fried eggs! These were so simple to make and turned out rather nicely. I think they are rather cute, a similar size to the real sweets.

Of course I had to make some Licorice allsorts. These classic sweets worked up rather well as crocheted versions. I prefer my crocheted allsorts, as I'm not a big fan of licorice....yuck!

I had to make some chocolate. It's my absolute favorite thing (after ice cream). Chocolate truffles! 
Finally some lollipops. These were a joy to design and make. Not only because I was happy with the end result, but because of all of the crazy colour combinations I was able to use.

I made quite a collection of candy!

The great thing about this commission was that it made me work on a theme that I probably wouldn't have considered working on. It turned out to be a rather fun theme, colourful with endless possibilities!

Ok my flights, starting boarding....I must run! I'll be back in the week with some holiday snaps.
Have a lovely weekend!!

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  1. I love candy and I saw your interview in the Homespun, ferry nice. So where the other men in the magazine. I did not know there were so many creative boys.

    Happy holiday..


  2. I follow a number of crochet blogs. Mostly I just look at the pictures for inspiration. But yours I always take the time to read. You always have such a lovely story to with each piece you have made and you always make me smile. Have a lovely hols and I look forward to seeing the finished piece in September !!

  3. Those look fab, I especially love your lollipops and licorice allsorts. Have a great holiday.

  4. These are very cute! Look good enough to eat:) The liquorice allsorts are my favs I think!
    Kate x

  5. Fabulous! Great job! Have a lovely hols :)

  6. Oh yes Homespun is a favourite magazine in Australia, I've been into it ever since
    its first edition came out years ago. Love all your sweet projects and I'm with you about
    Cheers, Anita.

  7. wonderful, so beautiful, good very good

  8. Those are spectacular and fun. Oh and calorie free. A win/win and win project.