Tuesday 31 March 2015

My Week In Pictures

Hello Lovelies!
How are you all doing? 
I'm back to work today and settling back into my normal routine after a rather splendid time visiting Dennis. 
It was a much needed vacation for me and a chance for me to spend some time with Dennis. I miss him terribly when he's away working on the ship, so I jump at the chance to go and visit him.
It was a week of exploring ports, seeing Dennis perform in his shows and indulging in some me time. I managed to read three books in a week!! Thats almost unheard of for me :-)

I've taken so many pictures this week. I wish I could share them all, but that would be one hell of a post and no doubt a tad boring for each of you. 
So I've picked a selection, taken throughout my week as I stopped off in Madeira, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Tenerife and La Palma. Mainly nature shots, but I thought you'd enjoy the vibrancy and texture.

I'm rather pleased with the pictures, because of their beauty and because of the memories they stir up.
A lovely time. I'm feeling very grateful!

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  1. Lovely pictures.

    Now, what cruise line is it? We are planning a Med. Cruise next year and am open to suggestion!

  2. I can tell WOW, thank you for beautiful and lovely pictures, have a good time, greetings from Warsaw

  3. Great photo's, so arty looking - thanks for sharing.

  4. beautiful pictures! thanks so much for sharing :)

  5. Looks like a wonderful trip!!

  6. Lovely photos, looks like you had a great trip. I've got a similar photo of a Bird of Paradise, a really beautiful plant isn't it.

  7. Nice pics.....I am from Lanzarote hahaha I hope you really enjoyed your trip around Canary Islands. By the way....great crocheter ( sorry my English isn't as well as I' d like it to be, trying to improve )

  8. wauw, that picture (5th) of the purple flower is just mesmerizing!!! Couldn't stop watching, so beautifull (as is the rest). So why not one more blog with some pictures? I wouldn't mind.

  9. Gorgeous pics Matt!

  10. Que hermosura de fotos!! eres muy afortunado!! en poder visitar tan bellos paisajes!!