Sunday 12 January 2014

I wish it were real!

Hello Lovelies,

I did something a little selfish, not totally selfish, but maybe a little selfish. I bought a Christmas present for Dennis that I was totally in love with myself, is that bad?

Now take a look at what it is and you'll see exactly why I love it, it's bright, jolly and full of charm. It makes me extremely happy every time I arrive home and see it in the hallway.

It's a lovely little storage box by the company RICE.

I was smitten the second I saw it and knew that Dennis would love it also.
I love that this box is serving a very dull and boring purpose. yet the box is so UNBORING (if that's even a word) and is overflowing with character. A BOX with CHARACTER!!! 
It's so happy and bright. I love the little details it has embroidered onto its sides.

A little cup in the kitchen window

A rather retro lamp,  I imagine hanging in the bedroom.

Cheery flower boxes and tied back curtains

Some tulips sitting in the window and a flappy awning to protect them from the sun

A storage box, probably full of fishing equipment, tennis rackets, and inflatable dingies ready for some fun and adventure for whoever occupies this caravan.

Outside, A deck chair that looks recently sat in.  I also see an ice cold lemonade with bright coloured straw waiting for the return of it's owner

And if they fancy a trip to the beach, remember not to forget the beach ball.

The one little detail that gets me though:

The Bunting!!! Surely a crafter lives in this caravan. I f I owned a caravan I'd have bunting EVERYWHERE possible.  I'd live in my caravan full of bunting, in a forest of lolly pop trees, with the sun shining over me as I sit in my chair sipping lemonade. I really wish this caravan were real, it's just too cute. 

For now I'll make do with it being a mini storage box and dream about the mini people that really live in it :-)
Happy Sunday!!!!

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  1. Ha ha! it comes into the same bracket as booking a little holiday or birthday meal for your partner, then you get to enjoy it too! I made camper van curtains in lieu of the real thing, dreaming, perhaps possible one day?! Fiona

  2. Hi Matt! I have been away for a while but it is good to be back. This little box is so full of colour inspiration and, as you say, bright and jolly and full of charm. I have a sneaking suspicion that you may be tempted to create something similar yourself?

    B x

  3. I love it!!! You will have to make the little people to go inside it>

  4. What a fun bin! Much better than a big cube of plastic! I'm so glad I have my own caravan, it's so fun!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Hermosa caja!! llena de colorido para una personita muy querida y alegre!!

  6. Love the caravan. I had an old real one that I fixed up on the inside with quilts for the twin beds, striped curtains with tie backs, and cute knick knacks all around. It was old and beat up a bit on the outside, but so cute inside, people were always asking to have a look. Your little caravan reminds me of mine. Thank you. And you are not bad for buying Dennis something you liked! I'll bet he liked it too! xxoo. JO

  7. Wow! Love this, it is so bright and cheery, will now have to go and look up RICE!

  8. What a cute box - I would love to have a little caravan like that and prettify (another REAL word!!) it with gingham curtains and patchwork quilts. xxx

  9. That is absolutely gorgeous. Almost too lovely to use.


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