Sunday 26 January 2014


Hello Cheeky Monkeys!! I hope you are all having a fun and creative week?
My week got off to a rather nice start when I spent my Monday at the zoo here in Stuttgart. 
There is nothing I like more than going to the zoo, it's one of my favourite things to do! 
It was my first visit to the zoo here in Stuttgart and was made extra special as Dennis' parents were in town visiting for a couple of days, so they came along for a day out with us. 
The zoo was a perfect place for us to walk around, to be mesmerised by the interesting animals and to have time to talk the day away. 

Of course I had my camera with me and took some snaps of the animals that I was lucky enough to spot that day:

I'm always so blown away by the vibrant colours of the animals.

 If I were a lizard I'd love to be a nice bright turquoise like this cute little fella.  

My favourite part of the zoo that day (not just because it was out of the cold) was the monkey house.
I could watch the crazy happenings of these guys all day!

It was a really lovely day! Spending time with Dennis' family, learning about the different species of animals and watching every single monkey have such a big personality!

It was also nice to see the monkeys as I was preparing myself for the following day, when I would play my first show here in Stuttgart as the role of Terk, Tarzan's best monkey friend.

I was extremely nervous, but in general it was a good show and I was really happy with how it went.
I hope that I can continue to grow in the role and look forward to having the chance to play it again tonight.

I may have finished sewing in the ends to my latest blanket, I'll reveal all soon!!! :-)
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  1. Hi from Australia! I am a huge fan of your crafting (you inspire me more than you could know), but your photography also blows me away. May I ask what camera you use...and your favourite lenses? My camera has been collecting dust for sometime unfortunately, but I have a Canon 7D with a lovely selection of lenses. This post has me wanting to dust them off and start snapping!

  2. Wow, those are great photos! And you're quite the monkey yourself!

  3. I always love the monkeys best!! So cute and mischievous, and such characters! (Even crochet monkeys are the same - check out this cheeky pair I made... hehehe!)
    Congratulations on playing Terk - hope it goes well again tonight!
    Maria x

  4. Hi, Matt!

    I love your blog. I subscribe via email and I leap with joy when I see it in my in-box. I love your photos of the animals at the zoo. The zebra is gorgeous!

    I am a crocheter like you. Your work is stunning! I love the colors you choose.

    I am glad your show went well.


  5. I'm loving those precise lines on the zebra :) And really looking forward to seeing your new blanket. Well done on getting those yarn ends sewn in. Did you count them as you did it, or would that have just been rather depressing?

  6. Stunning photos Matt!

  7. Dear Matt,
    I wish you good luck, toi toi toi! You must think of yourself that you are THE BEST DANCER in the world! Thank you for sharing your life with us.
    Love from Liesbeth, The Netherlands

  8. Great pics! Enjoy monkeying about!!

  9. Your makeup looks aMaZiNg!! Really cool :D Glad the first show/s went well :-) I love going to the zoo but haven't been to one in a long time :-( Maybe a 2014 plan? Looking forward to seeing your finished blanket :-)

  10. Wow, your crocheted blanket is nothing short of amazing and beautiful!!!

    I was going to suggest that you put it under glass and frame it on the wall, not only to protect it but because it is a work of art!

    But as I kept reading what you wrote about how nice it feels and how comfortable it is to be under, I realized that was more important than it simply being preserved and up for all to see.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  11. Oh, and by the way, your photos are simply STUNNING!!!!


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