Tuesday 7 January 2014


I'm feeling hugely inspired but the fact that it's the start to a new year, something that I've not normally been particularly phased by. I feel like I've needed the ticking over of a new calendar year to motivate myself and propel myself in a slightly different direction to last year.
It's not that I feel I need to change huge things about myself or that 2013 was a bad year (quite the opposite), but I do feel that there are certain things that I want to cater for this year, to allow myself the time to explore and achieve new goals.

I was going to go with writing a big long list of things I feel I need to focus on:

1. Health
2. Family and Friends
3. Spirituality
4. Hobbies

The truth of it is I have a tendency of writing big long list that overwhelm me and never end up being completed or ticked of. So I'm going with this one word:


Sounds Selfish, maybe. But this year I'm making it a year of self discovery. Yes, I want to get fitter/ healthier, be closer with family and friends, spend more time on hobbies and find myself spirituality. (not too much to ask for ?)
But above all I want to find ME and I've felt recently like I haven't been myself. Maybe I've been too tired, too stressed, too lazy......the list goes on. But for now, I'm putting a stop to it :-) I'll let you know how I get on.

I'm going to ride this feeling of motivation for as long as it lasts, I sure hope it lasts!!! New Year, New Me!!!

With motivation riding high I spent a few ours this weekend working on my blog. I went outside onto the balcony (I have a balcony now!) and took some pictures making the most of the sunlight.

I took some pictures of a new project:

A current, but not so new project:

And lots of pictures of things around the house that make me feel all tingly inside:

I really made the most of my photo taking session and can't wait to talk about each of these pictures in more detail with you over the next week or so.
Until then I hope these pictures can inspire you and the colour makes you feel as warm inside as it does with me. 

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  1. That´s a good list you have, keeping it simple :) Very nice blog you have, just recently found it.

  2. I think that a year of "me" sounds absolutely perfect!!

  3. Matt you've got the lampshade from ikea that I'm trying to persuade mr Clicky we NEED. Yes focus on you, why not?

  4. Not selfish at all, but absolutely essential in this fast-paced modern life to actually slow the pace right down and focus on the fundamentals of life. Looking forward to being inspired by your creativity!

  5. I have some of that Drops Alpaca and it's divine. The colors are out of this world. I need to bring out my project of Japanese flowers and work on it! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Lo mejor para este año año que recien inicia!

  7. Oh Matt, the alpaca yarn drapes over the hook and your fingers like melting fudge-I have felt its softness and on the Mohs scale its lower number than talc and that brings us into the fractions. It's delectable and the colors...the yarn takes dye up like it was sheared for that purpose only.

    So good to see your clean and crisp blog back in active mode, Matt, the whiteness of it just inspires me to clutter less around me and that always feels good, doesn't it.

  8. Mi lime that your new year resolution is to focus on you... With that you can accomplish great things. I love your pictures and the great collection of artsy and crafts things. Happy new year to you!

  9. Oh yum, that yarn looks lovely. I don't think I'd ever make anything from it, just keep it around the place to bury my head in whenever I wanted! And I can't wait to see what the bobbins of yarn are going to be used for!

  10. Ben tornato con nuove ispirazioni ! A presto

  11. I'm liking the photos intriguing but I'm pleased to hear you focus on 'you'... we all forget to prioritise ourselves at times - you go Matt.

  12. Dear Matt, you know, if you want to invest in your family, friends and your hobbies, the first thing you need to start is take good care of yourself! I'm a mom of 4 kids and if there is one thing I learned through the years it's that if I don't take good care of myself, I will never be able to take good care of them. If I feel happy and relaxt, that positive energy spreads and it is so much easier to deal with little set-backs.
    So take good care of yourself, do what makes you happy and I hope you'll find yourself happy about yourself real soon!

  13. Lovely pictures and lovely material as well!
    I wonder if its Alpaca from Chile... (im from chile - livinmg in australia nnow)
    Cheers! from my new virtual home http://chileanhands.com/blog/


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