Friday 17 February 2012

Hospital Knitting and Model for a day!

I'm back! I'm home!

I'm very excited to be out of the hospital. As you might have read, I was in the hospital for a tonsillectomy, and stayed for 6 days. The operation itself was a breeze as I was completely under, but I think nobody could have really warned me enough about the post-op pain. I won't go into too much detail, but I didn't know it was going to be this bad. I knew that having this surgery would come with a lot more pain as an adult, but I had no other choice, they had to go!

It's been 10 days now, and I'm finally able to enjoy most foods again. I'm still on top of my pain meds, but it's all very manageable by now! What really surprised me, was how very painful it was to have ice cream in the days after surgery. Everybody always says that that's the only good thing about having this procedure. The endless supply of ice cream! The first day after surgery I asked the nurses for an ice pop to relieve some of the pain, but boy was I wrong. It was stinging like crazy and making everything worse! I managed to finish it somehow, but only because I knew it could help recovery.

The only thing that made me forget the pain a little, besides my meds, was knitting!
Yes that's right, I took all my knitting needles and a lot of yarn with me. It was the perfect opportunity to finish some projects, and start new ones!

I would have my laptop positioned on my bed, watching my favorite TV Series (Will & Grace), and I would knit for hours and hours. I really gave my head as much distraction as possible! I had to follow the pattern, make my stitches, give some attention to the series I was watching, and all this together really made me less aware of the pain! It might sound crazy, but I knitted about 8-10 hours a day!

Like I mentioned in my other post about knitting, I'm very much enjoying the patterns of Stephen West. In the hospital I finally had some time to finish the Loxley hooded scarf I'd been working on.

So this is a little scary now, I've never really modeled any of my projects, but here we go. Matt & I had a good laugh shooting these shots. To pose or not pose? To smile or not to smile? We had a lot of fun and shot about a 100 pictures, but only these made the cut!  So here goes:

Here I'm wearing the Loxley (Hooded Scarf). Pattern can be found here: Loxley by Stephen West.

Here's a clear shot of the back of the hood! This one wasn't so hard to model ;-)

 Of course we needed a crazy one as well! 

This is the Windschief Hat. Pattern can be found here: Windschief by Stephen West
I feel like I should have chosen a yarn that's a little more sturdy, because it shapes a little too well around my ears, making them stand out a little. But it was still a very interesting pattern, and I love the textures in this hat!

Trying to look seriously at the ground. That's how it's done right?

This is the Botanic Hat. Pattern can be found here: Botanic Hat by Stephen West.
It's a very nice pattern, and the great thing about this hat is: It's reversible! There's no wrong side with this hat! The pattern is very clever, especially because both sides have a very different look! Judge for yourselves!

I do love black & white!

And this is what it looks like if you wear it inside out, or ouside in, or...?

And a again, randomly looking to the side.

I've had so much fun knitting these patterns and can recommend them to everyone! They're fun to make, very wearable, and look amazing! I guess staying in the hospital wasn't such a bad thing after all!

It's been really nice reading all the lovely and warm messages from all of you! It really made me happy whilst being in the hospital. Thank you all very much!

Dennis xxx
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  1. I am glad you found solace in your knitting, you must be very pleased to be home, I love your knitting and your modelling :)

  2. Gorgeous!! Ya look great! (You guys should both be models.) :) Love all the knits!

  3. Oh your post takes me back. I was 15 when I had my tonsils out and I can remember the pain afterwards clear as day. Hope you are feeling better now. I love the project pictures. I haven't made a Stephen West pattern yet but I have bought Chadwick and can't wait to get going once my queue dies down a little.

  4. Hi Dennis.. I'm glad you're over the pain and home and happy. I had my uvula removed as it used to swell up - it's the little thing that dangles in the back of your throat. I would have thought twice about it if I'd known how painful it was going to be. So, I can relate! Your knitted items are awesome and you look very handsome modeling. Maybe a new career for you!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Love all of them, but I like the hooded one the most! That one is so cool! And the pics are fab!

  6. Great pics, glad you're feeling better! X

  7. Glad your getting better. What an adorable model you make and the knitting is great too!

    Thanks for the link to Steven West is work is amazing both technically and looks so classic.

  8. Glad you're recovering well - it's always much more painful the older you are to have your tonsils removed. Everyone tells you that you'll be able to have all the ice cream (and jelly when I was a child having them removed)you can eat which sounds great pre-op but no-one tells you it's like swallowing razor blades afterwards!
    Loving your 'catwalk' pics - my fave is the 'crazy' one. Great projects as always. Good weekend to you both. x

  9. Very happy to hear you're recovering well, Dennis! Wow - look what you've accomplished knitting 8 hours a day watching Will & Grace!! :D I took a look at Stephen West's page after you mentioned him in a previous post, the guy is pretty brilliant. I absolutely love your projects - and my favourite pic is the crazy one!! ;-) x

  10. Glad to hear you're home and recovering well. Fabulous knitting, I especially love the hooded one. Love the photos :-) x

  11. Apart from the pain and discomfort - being able to knit and watch TV for that many hours sounds like total bliss! Your creations are fabulous and modelled beautifully!! Glad you are feeling better. x

  12. Aww that sounds nasty...but you won't have to go through that again! Was it worth it for all those days enforced knitting with your feet up though?
    I'm happy to hear you are healing well...and your modeling photos are beautiful.. I love the blank & white ones too...and the ones of you looking nonchalant! :)x

  13. Great knitting! Loxley is on my list to knit as well. I think this is the pattern why I bought the book. :o)

  14. Your knitting looks great, such neat stitches!
    It's good to hear you're feeling better! xx

  15. Glad to read that you're feeling a lot better after the op. At least you had all those quality hours of knitting and tv!

    Lovin' those modelling pics too, my fave? The crazy one!

    Take care x

  16. Thanks! Great to hear you're getting better! I absolutley love the pictures and the hood! Love xxx

  17. Wow thats some serious knitting! Hope you're feeling better now, hospital doesnt sound so bad actually ;)

  18. Love the knitting and the photos are stunning :O)

  19. Had my tonsils out as an adult too- feel for you! It was the barbecued- well me! -that I hated most though...and that we had a break in and I couldnt speak to the police- strange times!Love the hat- reminds me of cornrows.

  20. Glad your feeling well. Just found your blog just love your granny crochet bedspread! Gorgeous! You blog is a lot of fun and color!

  21. I am just reading this and by now you are probably much better. I had my tonsils out when I was only 10 and the pain was horrible I remember! I couldn't stand ice cream either. I wasn't sure who started circulating that big fat lie! Anyway, I am really enjoying tuning into your blog and hope you are all better by now. Happy Yarn Play!

  22. I've just found your post via YarnaroundHook and the little hearts. They are stunning. How refreshing to read a post from a guy!! I am glad you are feeling better. My husband had a uvilectomy and nose realignment and the post op stuff was horrendous. It took over a year for his throat to stop looking like a clothes line!!

  23. I had my tonsils out when I was 21. It was AWFUL!. I only spent one night in hospital but I couldnt eat properly for 6 weeks!!!!!!! Lost loads of weight but looked like a hamster and felt horrendous. I feel your pain :(

  24. Dennis I hope you are feeling MUCH better by now. Being in hospital is not fun nor is pain and thankful you had some sticks and yarn to occupy your mind somewhat. It certainly must have for a bit at least because look at what you have knitted - I love it all!
    Your Loxley turned out seriously fabulous as have both hats! They are both such great designs. I like Botanical with the slip stitches outward, the texture is wonderful it's a shame to hide them..heh. You should definitely take more photos of you wearing your work, your photos are fun! I too love your blog, thanks for finding me because now I have found you .D


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