Tuesday 28 February 2012

Lazy Mondays

A Monday night tucked up warm and cosy at home. A take-out pizza for diner followed by a yummy tub of Ben and Jerry's. Dennis and I are gradually working our way back through the Sex and the City series and I'm truly loving it! I do love the occasional lazy Monday :-)
I'm feeling very VERY happy with myself as I've just finished the border to my Granny square project! I can not tell you just how super happy I am with it. I am really looking forward to sharing it with you very soon. However, I've promised myself that I am not allowed to share it until every last end has been sewn in. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be in the next week or so.
Last post Dennis briefly mentioned the work of Isabelle Kessedjian and I couldn't let it pass without sharing a couple of her beautiful products we have here at home.
Dennis stumbled across these beauties when he visited Le Havre (France) with his cruise ship.


It seemed like quite a big coincidence to find these in a shop, as Dennis and I had been admiring her work for a long time on Instagram.
I think the bags are so cute! We have one each. They sit on top of our yarn box, usually stuffed full with our current WIPS.

Dennis also bought this lovely little zip up coin pouch. It's just so sweet! I love it! Isabelle Kessedijian really has an amazing talent. It's really worth a visit to her fabulous blog for a daily dose of inspiration!
 We've been drinking our morning coffee out of the same dull Ikea glasses for quite some time and felt it was time for a change.
Off we went to the department store around the corner and picked up these happy mugs from the Dutch brand Blond Amsterdam. We both knew this brand from The Netherlands and were pleasantly surprised to find it being sold in Germany as well.

We love how positive they are with their adorable illustrations.
The first cup says 'Cake it Easy!' on the front and 'Make cake not war" on the back. How very very true!


 The second mug reads 'Happy days' on the front and 'Tough cookie' on the back.


The mugs came with a cheery label tied up with yummy yellow ribbon and a deep red apple.
They hang happily at home in our tiny little kitchen. Did we mention our kitchen is tiny? Judge for yourselves :-)

Matt and Dennis xxx

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  1. LOVE the new mugs! And your kitchen looks like a place I would love to sit and sip some tea in while catching up on some gossip. Also love those darling bags.
    Happy Days to you both,

  2. I'm glad you had a lazy day. We had a family dinner meeting about a trip to Washington DC we're taking in June with my 2 sisters, one brother and their spouses. Then I had to race to another meeting to plan a bus trip. Finally home!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Love the mugs!!! Your flower decoration is lovely.

  4. I am so meant to be doing jobs right now but could not resist having a peep as the picture looked so inviting. Off now to look at the fabulous blog jobs can wait! xxxxx

  5. All those things are delightful!!!!!
    A lazy night in can do wonders right?:)))
    Best wishes


  6. the bags are jusy gorgeous, perfect for transporting WIPs! And your mugs, lovely too. You two have such fabulous taste!

  7. The bags are gorgeous and the little zip purse so cute! Your new mugs are lovely too. Have a great week Joanna xx

  8. I just wanted to say hello there :) I've somehow ended up here in your blog space tonight & I'm loving it! Love the pics & all the creative makes you share. I'm enjoying have a good read....lovely to find you after a very trying day :)Looking forward to reading more!!!

    Jo x

  9. Oh wow you guys are a real talented pair, love your blog, wil be back again & again & i would def say again!!!!!!!
    Am inspired :D
    Karen x

  10. Oh wow you guys are a real talented pair, love your blog, wil be back again & again & i would def say again!!!!!!!
    Am inspired :D
    Karen x

  11. It looks like spring at your place!!!
    I'm waiting for your granny....
    Happy crochet!

  12. I love that crocheted flower! This place looks like fun. I´m staying. Happy weekend! :)

  13. Thanks for your lovely comment on my grannie bag Dennis!

    Love your new buys and your kitchen may be tiny but it looks perfectly formed - your house looks lovely!

    S x


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